Writer’s Block

Many of you might have noticed that there’s been a pretty big gap – comparatively – between books being posted. With June 1 being the scheduled release date for Book 4, that is nearly 5 months between each book, which is quite different than the 2 – 3 months before.

The simple reason is writer’s block. For me, what happens is that I get doubtful about what I’m writing, uncertain of where the story is going or where it should go. Even if I have a rough idea, I find it difficult to keep writing.

In those cases, what happens is that I start procrastinating. Mostly by reading. Which means a lot of LitRPG authors (and some wushia authors) have gotten a bunch of money from me in the last few months 🙂

But it does make me think that sometimes, we try to push out books too fast. I actually have recently had a bit more of a brekathrough on the book, so things have been flowing a lot better. However, if I had pushed it, I think the book itself would have been a lot worse than what it will be.

Sometimes, I think we try to push out books too fast. There are numerous (financial) incentives to keep pushing a book out every month, but I’d rather slowdown a bit and put out a better book.

Also, I actually want to enjoy my life outside of writing 😛

A Gamer’s Wish is published on Amazon

A Gamer’s Wish is now published on Amazon. Please do read and review if you enjoyed the book. It definitely helps sales!

In other news, I’ve removed the rest of the Adventures on Brad series from other sites and put it on Kindle Unlimited as well. My experiment with going wide is now over, and now I’m testing Kindle Unlimited sales.

Thus far, we seem to be seeing a few thousand page reads, but who knows if it’ll drop off. Hopefully not, since the few thousand page reads is better than what we were doing while wide.

Writing and more update

It’s snowing out here again. Had a few days of thaw, but for the last 2 days it’s just been snow, snow, snow. Really looking forward to spring…

A Gamer’s Wish, book 1 of the Hidden Wishes series was sent off to the proofreader last night. We should be good to hit the April 1st release date for the book unless something goes horribly wrong. Pre-orders will be added in a few days. As always, I’ll commit to finishing up at least a trilogy in this world and if it does well, maybe more. 🙂

Book 4 (still untitled) of the System Apocalypse is being written. I’ve just got back to writing it again today after dealing with a nasty cold and lots of work at my real job. I have an April 28 date with my editor to get this edited, so release should (if I hit the date) be around mid-to-late May.

Audiobook Book or 3 of the System Apocalypse is scheduled for around mid-June.



Audiobooks Update

Been getting a lot of messages about audiobooks so I wanted to clarify matters quickly.

Adventures on Brad Book 3 has been recorded and is awaiting approval from Audible. It should release any time now – within the week would be my guess, but it is up to Audible

The System Apocalypse Book 1 and 2 have been recorded and available right now on Audible.  We are scheduled to record book 3 with Nick mid-May to release should be mid-to-late June 2018.

Book 4 is currently unscheduled, we’re working on getting something set up with Nick but he is extremely busy, so not sure when it’d get recorded. It might be VERY late due to how popular he is.

LitRPG Series that Amuse Me

Alright, haven’t done this in a while, but I figured I’d do a quick writeup of LitRPG series I read and follow. Not in any order and not a complete list by ANY means. These are the ones that just popped into mind and read most recently:

Threadbare – A Golem Teddy Bear. The system itself is very reminiscent of Randidly Ghosthound, but the writing is miles better. It’s frankly amazing with a lightness to the writing that suits it’s protagonist. Such a great series and probably my favorite find in ages.



Dodge Tank –  A fun ride. I like the character concept and his abilities. The plot wasn’t too surprising, though I’m definitely interested in where book 2 is going. Might turn out to be a great series, thus far, it’s okay.




War Gods Mantle – By the author of Viridian’s Gate (which I highly recommend too), this was an interesting  book. It definitely is a ‘write to market’ book feeding into the harem / city building tropes that are so popular right now, but it’s well done.  A good fun read.




Legacy of the Fallen – Book 3 of the Ascend Online series (or 2 with 1.5 in-between). The series is a bit weird with a bit of a weird shift with the mdiddle book randomly introducing new characters. Kind of like Malazan actually. But overall, interesting and fun. Definitely looking forward to the continuation of the series.

Writing updates and more

Cover Reveal

That’s right! That’s the cover for Book 3. What do you think?

The big hold up was the title, I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to call it. I started with the pedantic ‘Kluane Icefields’ and ended up with this.

Book 3 first draft is done, some beta readers have kindly agreed to finish the book soon so that I get time to edit and send the entire document to the editor on Dec 27.

Overall, I expect we’re good to go for a late January release.

Now what?

As mentioned, I’m taking a hiatus from the Adventures on Brad to write a new series. That’s an urban fantasy litrpg mix, should be fun to play with.

After that, I’ll be back to the System Apocalypse. Book 4 (Book 1 of the new arc) will see a shift in focus. It’ll still be John and crew, but I’ve got a few plans that should make things interesting. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.

Lastly, since I am unlikely to post again till after the new year.

Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year

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