So close!

Life in the North cover art
Life in the North cover art

Finally got a mostly done proof of the cover for Life in the North.  So close… once that’s posted I’ll be able to work on

I do nneed to run everything through Grammarly to check for issues since I’ve decided against getting a proofreader.  The cost of getting a proofreader for this book would cross a $1000 all in and while I love the book, I just can’t afford that right now.

Work on Book 2 of Tales of Brad is slow-going.  Spent half-a-day writing and only got about 5k words down (unedited).  I’ve been struggling with illness for a while and the lack of a tight outline for this book is impacting writing speed.  I’m also plagued with doubts if the book is interesting enough – the last few chapters have been very ‘conflictless’ with more focus on the characters and the world and less grinding.  I’ll definitely want some beta readers on this to get an idea.

Writing Update

So, right now, I’m waiting for my beta readers and the cover artist to get back to me on Life in the North, the first book of my System Apocalypse series.  Frustrating since other than that, I’m all good to go to publish the works.

A Healer’s Gift is selling okay I guess.  It’s interesting since I threw the book up on a whole series of different sites and thus far, Amazon is the only site where I’ve seen any decent sales.  I literally have sold 1 copy in all other sites other than Amazon.

The current plan is to throw up Life in the North on Amazon exclusively and make it Kindle Unlimited available too. Hopefully I don’t shoot myself in the foot by doing that though and I’ll see some decent sales, but we’ll have to see.

On another note, I’m working on Book 2 for Adventures on Brad.  It’s hard writing in third person and I have been dealing with depression and a cold along with real life so writing is slow.  I’m hoping I can focus on it more and chunk out the current storyline in the next couple of weeks.  If so, the moment I am mostly done I’ll get the next cover worked on so I don’t have to wait as long.  I expect that my current ‘idea’ for Book 2 is going to be split into two, making the entire Karlak section a mini-trilogy, especially if my writing continues to follow in the format that I’ve been working in.


Decided I should at least have a little author page of something so I resurrected this blog.  It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, but in short, I’ve been delving into the rabbit hole of LitRPGs.

I don’t know why, perhaps it’s just the easy progression or the way the story folds out, but I’m really enjoying reading and writing.

Yup, writing since I just published my first book in the genre.  Really a novella at 46k words.

Working on a 2nd book right now which is going to be a full novel at (right now!) over 110k words.  I expect it’ll sit around that range even with the extra few sections I expect to write.  I’m just in the editing process right now, but for this book I’m going to hire actual proofreaders.  Fun.