Changes in the industry – Pronoun closing

So, for those of you who don’t know (probably most), Pronoun was a book distribution service that allowed me to upload the Adventures on Brad series and distribute it wide. That meant everything from Kobo to iBooks to Google Play to Overdrive (Libraries).

This was really cool, though as I noted, sales from these areas didn’t seem to matter as much (i.e. total sales is like 1% of my book sales).

Pronoun is now closing and I’m debating between:

  • Staying wide and continuing distribution to all the various other stores
  • Going to Amazon only and putting the books up on Kindle Unlimited

Let me know your thoughts. I don’t ‘have’ to make any decision just yet but if you read on other platforms, it’d be good to know.

2 thoughts on “Changes in the industry – Pronoun closing”

  1. I didn’t know you were on Overdrive, that’s awesome. I just recommended my system purchase both Brad books.

    I think you should do whatever you think will make you the most money, though. That’s gotta be the bottom line.

  2. Kindle unlimited is easy. But the other venues, will give you more knowledge and publicity. Starting a career is hard . Putting limits on your future is a bad idea giving away all your control is worse.

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