Fan Fiction & Other Uses

So… I’ve had a couple of people ask me in different ways about the use of the System Apocalypse for fan fiction / etc. So here’s my personal stance on this.

If it’s pure fan fiction (i.e. non-commercial, no money is being made on this) – feel free to have fun. Not only would it be silly for me to try to stop you, I think it’s cool.

I cut my teeth writing fan fiction (and its like) ages ago. It’s where I learnt / practised a chunk of my writing. I know some authors dislike fan fiction, I’m not one of them.

I do ask if you’ve gotten something written / etc. to let me know if you don’t mind. Just out of curiosity and ego really, but if you’re shy, I understand.

The only line that I draw is when you are looking to produce this for commercial purposes. For a variety of reasons (legal included), I will have to say no. Unless we have a contract, etc., from my (very basic) knowledge of trademark and copyright, if you are making money on my work and I am not stopping you, I actually give up rights to my own work. Obviously, this is bad.

2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction & Other Uses”

  1. Quick question: Do you have a Pen and Paper RPG system for System Apocalypse? Is it loosely based on any system?
    Asking because i was about to reread the books and try and work out a gaming system for it…setting it in Australia for my local group.

    Just want to see and choose the right dice hehehe.


    1. Nope. No Pen and Paper RPG system. It’s all self-created. If I were, I’d look at a more ‘role-play’ system like FATE rather than a heavy stat one.

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