Tales of Brad

Tales of Brad


Tales of Brad chronicles the journey of Daniel Chai as he becomes an Adventurer and braves the Dungeons of the land.  Tales of Brad is set in a fantasy world where Level Ups, Quests and magical items abound.

The series is inspired by Dan Machi and the LitRPG genre in general.

B0e70bcbd05998955904fd39ae7e6410b873a9ccfook 1 – A Healer’s Gift is now on Amazon and Smashwords.

Book 2 is currently being written and should release in a few months.

3 thoughts on “Tales of Brad”

  1. Just finished a couple of days ago. Awesome.

    Without spoilers, can I ask why Daniel never forgets anything? Losing skills, yes. Losing memories, no. It seems like he should lose those too – opportunity for a poignant scene?

    1. He does actually. He forgets fights, sparring matches, occasional conversations. However, the Gift pulls on the most powerful recent memories first, which (recently) has mostly been fights. However, certainly something to think about.

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