Recent Books I’ve Read

Just some quick books I’ve read recently.


Speedrunner –  Starts out great.  Sort of mini-Apocalypse book, though most of it focuses on the ‘Tower’.  Unfortunately, pacing problems in the book seem to throw the book off.  Not bad and is an easy read but not great.  3.5/5

Living Dungeon – Yeah, no.  I didn’t finish this one – I hit maybe 5% in (before the actual Dungeon part starts) and gave up.  I’m realising I find most Dungeon stories boring.

(Not rated ’cause I couldn’t finish it)

Hatchling – Another book that starts out great and then shifts half-way through to become a disappointment.  3/5

Viridian Gate Online: Jade Lord – Rolicking good fun.  Thoroughly enjoyed this and book 1.  It’s not a masterpiece work (if I read it critically, I’d say there are pacing issues a bit) but it’s so much fun to read, I don’t care. 4/5

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  1. On royal roads there is a story called a new world I think it’s written the same way as your apocalypse books with the world changing from some outside force to become kind of game like and takes place with a school being turned into a dungeon. Last time I looked at it was a few months ago so I don’t know how it’s been since then but it’s a good read. I think the mc name is hide or something

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