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Writing updates and more

Cover Reveal

That’s right! That’s the cover for Book 3. What do you think?

The big hold up was the title, I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to call it. I started with the pedantic ‘Kluane Icefields’ and ended up with this.

Book 3 first draft is done, some beta readers have kindly agreed to finish the book soon so that I get time to edit and send the entire document to the editor on Dec 27.

Overall, I expect we’re good to go for a late January release.

Now what?

As mentioned, I’m taking a hiatus from the Adventures on Brad to write a new series. That’s an urban fantasy litrpg mix, should be fun to play with.

After that, I’ll be back to the System Apocalypse. Book 4 (Book 1 of the new arc) will see a shift in focus. It’ll still be John and crew, but I’ve got a few plans that should make things interesting. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.

Lastly, since I am unlikely to post again till after the new year.

Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year

Quick Update

Tales on Brad Book 2 – Adventurer’s Gift is with the proofreader currently. Once that is complete, I am just waiting on the cover (which hopefully will be complete end of this week) and it should be ready for posting.

The System Apocalypse Book 2 is nearly done first draft.  I’ve got the last major scene and sort of epilogue to finish and then draft 1 is done.  However, I have large notes of things to improve / add including entire chapters and scenes so I expect the editing process will take longer than normal.  I’ve been struggling with finishing the book since I’ve been plagued with doubts.  And illness.

Overall, timeline for November release should be good.

I’m going on holiday for a few weeks though so no real writing is going to be done.

Parenting Fantasy – Day 1

This is a series of slice of life shorts.  One day, if I ever get enough written, I might release them as a short story.  However, this is written more for fun.


“Breathe dear, just breathe!” holding his wife’s hand, Alexander Lim plasters the best, most comforting smile he can on his face.   A rail thin 6 foot, brown haired man with a pair of glasses that covered surprisingly clear blue eyes, Alex was doing his best to hide the pain in his hand as his wife squeezed again, nearly crushing his hand.


-5 HP


“I hate you!” his wife grunted, bent over as her body was wracked by another contraction.  It hurt worst then the time a manticore had managed to bite into her shoulder, worst than the bear trap that had caught her leg when she first started Adventuring.  It was the worst pain she had ever felt bar one.

“Yes dear,” Alex replies automatically.  He reaches to the side, holding up the cup as she slowly releases his hand, offering his beautiful, sweaty and angry wife the cooled rosehip tea.  As she releases his hand, he exhales gently, careful not to bother her.  “The contractions are coming faster now, it shouldn’t be too long.”

“You said that two hours ago!” Faye says, leaning back on the bed as she wipes her damp blonde hair from her face.

“I know…” Alex leans over to kiss her forehead, an act that has her hissing at him.  He stops, still smiling at her.  “You are doing well.”

“… aaarrgh!!!” again she squeezes on his hand as the contraction hits her.


-5 HP



Achievement Unlocked!  Create a Family

+2,000 XP


Title Unlocked: Father

New Ability Gained: Dad Voice


“Mr. Lim?” the midwife finishes the baby away, offering the creature to him.  A bit dazed, Alex dismisses the notifications and takes hold of the child, staring at the little brown haired delight in his arms.  Oh god, what if he dropped it.  Panicking, he holds the creature as if it could break with the slightest jar, his eyes wide.  His son was staring at him!

He only moves when the midwife pokes him to shift as she cleans up his wife.  When the sheets are changed and Faye cleaned, the midwife takes the baby away from the reluctant husband to transfer to his wife, murmuring “He needs to feed.”

“Oh… okay,” Alex nods and slowly takes a seat, wringing his hand slightly.  The midwife looks at him and comes back a moment later with an enchanted pack of ice which he gratefully wraps around his arm.

Baby and mother are resting, the child absently sucking on her breast as it sleeps.  Smiling, Alex leans back, his own eyes drifting shut.  30 hours of labour was a bit much