The System Apocalypse Book 2 Update

Finished first draft, currently editing book 2.  About half done with expected completion by end of next week at the rate I’m going.  Though I haven’t hit the parts that I know where I have to add scenes (just put notes on it) so that might make it slower.  Hopefully not.

After that, it’s out to beta readers and then the proofreader.  Depending on feedback of course, there might be a ton of changes or very little.

Current working title is Redeemer of the Dead.

6 thoughts on “The System Apocalypse Book 2 Update”

  1. I absolutely loved your first book in series! Great first person character, a lot of depth, and you managed to balance both a flawed human being with a hero in the making! Lot’s of action and heroics and a hero who doesn’t even realize what a hero he is, yet. 10/10 Tao, thanks for putting it out there!

    (And I’m very much looking forward to book 2! – Up to you, of course, but have you thought about posting newsletter signups on front matter of the books? Maybe with a free short?

    OH! Here’s an idea for the short, the original scene that had the idiotic governments do you know what to you know who before Earth was relegated to (spoilers removed!) – THAT might get you a ton of sign ups 🙂 (I know I would…heck, I already did 😀

    1. That’s actually a really cool idea. I’ll have to write it… thought it might be in a completely different tone. Heee…

  2. earc. Beta reader. Guaranteed read and comments back in two days. Loved your book. Going to have to reread it again for fifth time while waiting. Not that I am begging to be a beta reader ….ok I lied .

  3. Yet another fan checking in, looking forward to book two. Also volunteering probably unnecessarily for being a beta reader.

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