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Writing the System Apocalypse Book 2 now and I’m technically on Chapter 7 or so.  I started with an outline of what I wanted int he book and that’s going okay, but what I found / have found is that as I write it, more ideas on how to specifically fit in the themes / characters keep coming to me.

It’s why I haven’t posted anything in Royal Road at all since I started writing since I keep jumping back and going – oh yeah, I should add this scene.  Or, wait – this character here would make more sense.

Partly I think I’ve got a much better ‘feel’ for the book now that I had when I first started writing for fun.  The problem of course is that each time I bounce backwards, it takes longer to finish the book.

Which becomes the question – do I write fast and get a book out or write slower and ake a better book? I’m leaning towards Option 2 since I’d rather have a good book than a not as good book.  I’ve seen too many series get worst and since my only is myself, I’d rather make sure this is written well than just dump it out.

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  1. Just finished book 1 and has a blast. I would say go with option 2 and make it the book you want it to be.

  2. Option 2 definitely ! I saw too many series start good and decline fast. And your book started VERY good 🙂

  3. Book one was awasom and got better as it went on. Now for your question.. go with 2 for sure unless your just hurting for money. Your not a famous author that is under dead lines to crank out book after book so take your time and enjoy what you make because it will make your writing grow and become better. Your depiction of the mcs mindset is IMO is top notch and I think it’s one of your best qualities as an author. The only critique I would have would be to find a proofreader because for a finished book there was a good amount of weird sentence structure that made reading it a little awkward at times. Other than that I hope to see you keep getting better at writing because I think you will be a great author someday.

    1. Yup, if you read the other posts, I discussed that. I have a proofreader looking at Book 1 and Book 2 will see a proofreader before it hits the shelves. Basically, I had no idea if I’d even make my money back if I got a proofreader (most authors make less than $500 a YEAR and getting proofreading done on nearly 100k words = $1,000) so I didn’t release it. I did just upload a fix for some errors readers sent me though so hopefully a bunch of it was dealt with.

  4. As impatient as I am to read book two I agree with where both you and the rest of the comments are leaning. Book one blew me away, I enjoyed it so much that even waiting for book two to download would be to long for me! That said I’d rather suffer in anticipation and get to read something you feel is great than get it fast.

    Long and short of it, you’re doing amazing and even if it takes a few YEARS it’s not like we are going anywhere, you’ve got us hooked and hooked well!

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