Thousand Li

Alright. Sent off The First Stop (book 2 of the Thousand Li series) to the editor yesterday. They’ll be working on it this week, hopefully get back to me with any issues soon after and we’ll get to the fixing. Release probably around August 1, 2019.

The audiobook for A Thousand Li is currently set to release on June 12, 2019. You can pre-order it on Audible here, and I’m sure it’s on iTunes and the other audiobook services.

Adventures on Brad

That’s my next book to work on. The Forest’s Silence is currently at 26k or so words, so we’re more than halfway done (fans know these are novella length works). I expect I’ll be done in 2 weeks or so (depending on how fast I remember where I left off). And then it’ll be set aside for editing as usual, so release in… September? Or maybe August. We’ll see.

System Apocalypse

Rebel Star (book 8) of the System Apocalypse is going to be tackled after AoB book 6 is done. That’ll take 2 months to do (at the least), so we’re looking at mid-August to finish so we might see a release around October/November.

The short story collection deadline is June 30, 2019. Depending on how many stories I get and their quality, it might or might not release soon.

Audiobooks continue to wait on Nick to be free. Currently still scheduled for Sept & December for books 6 & 7 respectively.

The comic files for paperback versions are available. I have to do some backend tinkering to get them to work with Amazon though, and due to the way Amazon works, it’s not perfect. Either way, a PoD, full colour version looks to be at least $7.99 in cost for 22 pages. I’m looking at other options, but printing 1 copy at a time is… well. Not very cost efficient. Thus far, ebook sales do not justify making issue 2.

And the twist

I am going on holiday mid-July or so and hitting up a writing conference end of July and Dragoncon in August. So. Above timelines are all in flux and might go haywire.