Lots to update. So let’s get going.

A Thousand Li

  • The First Step is now out on Audiobooks. It’s available on Audible, iTunes and a ton of other places including libraries from what I understand.
  • The First Stop – book 2 – just came back from the editor. I have to go through the edits which is my current task and then get it to the proofreaders. Current plans is for August 1, 2019 release. I’ll throw up a preview of the new cover art soon along with the pre-order link in July.

System Apocalypse

  • The System Apocalypse comic (Issue 1) is now out in print and ebook format on Amazon. Still waiting on Comixology. That’s going to take a while.
  • Stars Awoken released this month, thank you all for the great reviews.
  • Audiobooks – no change. August / Sept for book 6.
  • I’ll probably tackle book 8 after the edits for A Thousand Li.

Adventures on Brad

  • The Forest’s Silence was just completed yesterday. It’s 45k words or so, so about average for the novella’s that make up the AoB. Waiting for confirmation from Editor on how long things will take before I set a release date, but I’d love to get it released sometime in July. Except some great cover art reveal soon. 🙂
  • No idea when book 7 is entering rotation for writing. Partly because…

Hidden Wishes

  • A Gamer’s Wish and A Squire’s Wish have both gone wide. You can now find the books on iTunes, Kobo, Google Play, etc.
  • The audiobook for A Gamer’s Wish is also wide, so it should be present not only on iTunes & Audible but in your library and a ton of other spaces, just like the Adventures on Brad books 1 – 3.
  • Lastly, I’ve figured out book 3 plot. Or at least, I have a glimmer of what I need to do. So when my next slot for writing opens up, it’ll likely be for book 3 of the Hidden Wishes series. It’ll likely be the end of the series too.