Har… I say business & craft but… I’m not sure how much craft there will be. So let’s tackle that first.

Craft Plans

20booksto50k Vegas. Though that’s more business side rather than helping me write better.

Working with good editors. I’ll probably pay for another dev edit to be done on one of my newer books, to see what another set of eyes would say. It doesn’t mean I’ll change the work, but take what they have to say to my new books.

I’m still working through my lifetime subscription at WMG Workshops. I’m working on depth in writing right now, characters and author voice come next I think. It should be interesting. I always learn a little.

The usual reading of other work, just to see how other people do things. And then stealing from them. Though I’ll be trying to read more widely and slip outside of LitRPG / Cultivation again just ’cause it’s useful.

And that’s about it. I’d love to hit up a few workshops or two (I did one on screenwriting that was fun 2 years ago) but… we’ll see how fast the world gets back to normal.

Publication & Release

More, business plans, but the goal is to write 4 books and release 4. SA 10 on Feb 1, ATL 5 on Jun 1 (yes, gap. December rest month is causing that bigger gap), SA 11 on Sep 1 and ATl 6 on Dec 1. Then, the conclusion of the SA series will be in March 2022.

That gives me 3 months to write each book, so that should be more than doable. Unless you know *waves hand at 2020*.

I’ve already written book 2 of the Power, Masks & Capes series, so that just needs a cover and proofing and I’ll release that. 

I want to do another novellete for the Eternal Night series, but that’ll be snuck in as and when I find time. Or, you know, the patrons vote for it.  

And lastly, I am working on (and hope to finish) the AoB 7-9 books. At some point. I won’t publish them though till I have all 3 books done. I have AoB 7 (at time of writing) about 1/2 done, so it’ll be interesting to see when it is finished. But I have a plan to end the series (in a sense); so I want to make sure it releases and goes out with a bang, thus holding it back for a rapid release strategy. That probably is a 2022 thing.

Maybe it’ll fill the space when I’m out of SA books to do and have to write another hit series…

Business Plans

Outside of my own releases, I’ve got KT Hanna working with me on a System Apocalypse set in Australia. I’m hoping that another co-author working in the universe finishes, but I’m not announcing details on that till, well, it happens.

More Dating Evolution (Leveled Up Love series) will be written. No schedule of when it’d get done, but I think it’ll be a shorter and more traditional 60-80k romance than the honking 150k book. If that does happen that way, I’m hoping we can work out 2 books… but I’ll be happy with 1 a year.

Grayson’s book 3 of the Trinity of the Hive I hope to see released early Q1 2021. After that, I think that’s it for me as a publisher direct.

I might take up more co-authors, I’m debating about that. It’s tricky really, because part of it is finding people who I like / want to work with. Also, my life might be a little busy already…. 

More translations will be coming out. I’m already paying for German translations of book 4-6 of the System Apocalypse. I am translating Hidden Wishes book 2 (and probably 3) to German too. A bunch of other translations will happen as translators choose to do them. 

Lastly, the biggest thing I want to do is a kickstarter for the comics. That’ll probably happen in March or so that we’ll have the physical books available by end of summer. Which is going to be all kinds of cool. 

And more minor projects

Getting the website finally set-up so I can sell on the site itself. Getting merchandise sorted. Maybe a kickstarter for another short story anthology by other writers…

And I’ve been invited to contribute to a few anthologies. One is guaranteed to happen, the second might not depending on funding for the kickstarter. I’ll let you all know when that happens. I’m really, really excited for both and feel honoured to be even asked (especially considering the names involved).

That’s… it. I think. I’m sure I’ll find more things to do… 

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