A Fist Full of Credits (Book 1 of System Apocalypse – Relentless) is now available on Audible!

Have a question about the new System Apocalypse series? Here’s a handy little FAQ…


Do I need to have read System Apocalypse to enjoy A Fist Full of Credits?


When in the timeline does this book feature?

A Fist Full of Credits starts at System Advent, so book 1 of Life in the North. To be exact, it starts just a few minutes before book 1 starts. 😀

This character seems familiar…

That’s because the protagonist, Hal, was featured in the previous System Apocalypse anthology. His short story is included in this book, too.

Is this WhysperSync enabled?

Yup. Have at it!

When is System Apocalypse – Relentless book 2 coming?

We’re looking at a May 2022 release at the current moment for the ebook and audio soon after.

Why so long?

Craig works a full-time job and thus only writes in the evenings.

When is book 12 of System Apocalypse coming?

I’m writing it right now. Looking at a Feb 1 release or (probably now that I’m looking at the timeline closer and writing speed); March 1.

Where’s the audiobook for book 11 of the System Apocalypse series?

It’s waiting to be recorded. We’re looking start of 2022 for it to arrive.

A Fist Full of Credits

Bail bondsman. Veteran. Survivor.

Hal Mason’s still going to find surviving the System Apocalypse challenging.

While bringing in his latest fugitive, Hal’s payday is interrupted by the translucent blue boxes that herald Earth’s introduction to the System – a galaxy spanning wave of structured mystical energy that destroys all electronics and bestows game-like abilities upon mankind.

With society breaking down and mutating wildlife rampaging through the city of Pittsburgh, those who remain will sacrifice anything for a chance at earning their next Level. As bodies fall and civilization crumbles, Hal finds himself asking what price is his humanity. Are the Credits worth his hands being ever more stained with blood?

Or does he press on – relentless?

A Fist Full of Credits is the first book in a new series in the System Apocalypse universe. Written by debut author Craig Hamilton in Tao Wong’s bestselling post-apocalyptic LitRPG universe, System Apocalypse – Relentless is another glimpse into what humanity will do when the chips are down and the monsters are crawling from the shadows.

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