Hi everyone;

So quick update of the month and what’s looking like for the next little bit.

I have been struggling with school starting for the kid, taking him to school, organising play dates, after school activities and all that jazz while also sorting out the last bits of our move including bureaucracy (yay, finding a new doctor!). 

Anyway, all that means things have been super hectic and my usual writing time has taken a nose dive. In the meantime, I’ve also had to finish editing KT Hanna’s SA: Australia book 1 (Town Under – did you see the cover reveal she did? It’s so cool!) and also deal with my usual (and worsening) chronic pain stuff. Worsening because I’ve had to transit around a ton and have doubled to tripled how much I walk in a day in the last few weeks.

All this is to say – I’ve written less than 30k new words this month so far and don’t expect to see a huge uptick.

Oh – and there has been prep for some super secret, cool stuff happening. Keep an eye out tomorrow for the announcement.

Anyway, not much work done. Here’s where things stand:

  • ATL 6 – I’m 70% done on edits. I want to try finishing before end of the month, but most likely it’ll be Oct 5th or so when it’s finished.
  • AoB 8 – edited files are back, I haven’t touched them.
  • AoB 9 – 90% done. I have 1 chapter to write, 1 epilogue to finish and then we’re done. It goes to editing after and we will have the series finished.
  • SA 12 – not a single word written. I have the start in my head, I know exactly what is happening for at least chapter 1 and probably the next couple. And, of course, I know the ending. Everything in-between is still murky, but that’s normal.

Last note, in November, a bunch of insanity with cons start happening (I hit 2 cons at the beginning of November – World Fantasy in Montreal, 20 books in Vegas) and then, briefly have a respite before starting again in December with one con (Discon in Washington DC) and then…. nothing for a bit.

So ummm…. I might have messed up with the pre-order for Feb 1. It’s more likely going to be March 1. But I’m going to try to hit it (without compromising on quality).

That’s all folks!