Hi everyone!

Exciting news. I signed an audiobook contract for the next three books with Tantor. They will be taking over production and distribution of the audiobooks.

What does this mean?

  • As Tantor distributes audiobooks wide, the audiobooks will be available not only on Audible and iTunes but also various library services and other audiobook sites.
  • Tantor has dedicated proofing and mastering staff and are known for producing really good books. I’m really excited by this because I really, really am not great with audiobook proofing.
  • We have spoken with Travis Baldree (the narrator for Wil Wight’s Cradle series) and he is to be the narrator for the series.

I’m really excited by this because this is going to allow the series to be heard by so many others. I’m really, really looking forward to the work.

Exact timeline of release has not been confirmed as yet. Once I have that information, I’ll let you all know.