The Second Storm hits bookshelves today! Join Wu Ying on his next A Thousand Li journey.

When War Wages, Even Innocents Perish

Two years have passed and the war between the kingdoms of Shen and Wei rages on. The dark sect moves in the shadows, striking against the noble Verdant Green Waters Sect, damaging, killing and kidnapping their members.

Among the victims – Fairy Yang, Wu Ying’s martial sister. On a desperate quest to retrieve her, Wu Ying finds himself caught up in inter-sect politics and headed straight for a trap.

Tragedy awaits, but some paths, a man must walk. No matter the cost.

The Second Storm is the sixth novel in the A Thousand Li series, a book on immortal cultivation, wondrous martial arts, evil cultivation sects and spirit beasts. This series will be loved by those searching for wuxia, xianxia and progression fantasy works and those looking for a more westernised cultivation story. The Second Storm is written by Tao Wong, the bestselling sci-fi and fantasy LitRPG author of the System ApocalypseAdventures on Brad, and the Hidden Wishes series.

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