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The war between kingdoms draws in cultivators from all sides, spilling blood across national lines…

The second arc of Wu Ying’s journey to immortality begins in The Second Expedition as he and his companions search for a cure to a poison ailing his Master. Through wilderness and new cities, they search for rare ingredients, all the while dodging assassins and killers themselves.

In The Second Sect, Wu Ying himself is in need of healing, having been gravely injured in his last expedition. Journeying to a new sect, famed for their healing prowess and knowledge, Wu Ying learns more about his body and his dao, taking another major step to greater power.

And in The Second Storm, years have passed while the war wages, the Dark Sect continuing to pull strings form the shadows. Now, they’ve taken a further, more aggressive stance, daring to strike at the very heart of the State of Shen. In retaliation, Wu Ying and his friends must journey into the kingdom of Wei, risking it all.