Since I’m now full-time, I figured I’d actually start joining a few associations. The first on the list was the Science Fiction& Fantasy Writers Association of America (the SWFA).

Why join the American version? Mostly because they’ve got a bigger membership, I might (one day) go visit the Nebula’s and might even put my books up for an award. Not that I’m that interested in chasing awards, but… it’d be cool if it ever happened.

Mostly though, the SWFA does a lot of work on trademarks / lawsuits / etc for things happening in the USA where I make the majority of my money. Joining them makes sense.

I also applied for another Canadian Author guild but the application process for them is long and involved. We’ll see if I get in. I have no doubt I’m eligible, but their process is messy. So. Meh.

As for the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association, their website doesn’t seem to indicate they do much beyond the Aurora awards. I might look at joining them next year, but for now, I think the above two are enough.

Beyond that, I’m also hitting up at least 1 professional conference this year and 1 reader fan convention (Dragoncon). I really don’t want to work cons (i.e. have a booth) – been there, done that way too much in my previous job. I might end up in a 2nd professional conference depending on availability, but we’ll see.