So, let’s see. Some updates on writing:

  • Book 4 is currently being read and dealt with by the Editor. We’re hoping to hit June 5 release now, but it might be later.
  • I am currently writing Book 5 of the System Apocalypse. I have about 10k done already, though the start and ends are always easy for me. It’s that weird middle bit that always gets me.
  • Chances are, Arc 2 is going to be at least 4 books long. I realised that one thing I wanted to fit into Book 5 isn’t going to work really well, so it will likely be an entire book by itself in Book 6.
  • I have an idea for Book 4 of the Adventures on Brad, so I’m occasionally dabbling in that when I’m stuck on SA.
  • Gamer’s Wish is on hiatus while I deal with above 2 and an idea for Book 2 percolates. Even for my ‘write and see what happens’ style, it’s too vague to put fingers to keyboard.
  • However, the audiobook for A Gamer’s Wish is being produced. We should see it release mid to late May I hope.
  • I’m currently reading outside of LitRPG. Specifically the Poor Man’s War Series by Elliot Kay. Book 1 is linked. So good.

Lastly, on privacy. This is NOT a finger wag or anything like that, just an explanation on my preferences.

I currently do not let random people add me on Facebook. If I don’t know you and haven’t talked to you (in-person mostly), I will not likely add you to my FB friend list. This is because I have occasional private pictures of my family on my FB. Also, most of what I post on FB is private, things I share with friends, people I know personally mostly.

If you’d like to chat with me, the contact form via e-mail and the FB Fan Page message is the best way to do so. I’m happy to chat a bit in either areas, but my personal FB is going to stay personal. I know it’s different for some other authors, but this is my personal preference.