My strategy with my boxset for System Apocalypse (book 1-3) is simple – I spend about $10 a day targeting the US via lookalikes on FB. I don’t get a huge conversion rate on it (yet – testing some new graphics for the ad & new blurb); but I get about 13 sales / 32 borrows last month. Which equals about $261.

So on the boxset itself, I lose money.

But the read-through is MUCH higher with the boxset (like, 10% higher or so); which makes it a better ROI than pushing book 1 (even though individual sales are much lower).

It’s a decent ROI overall based on average readthrough.

It’s worth noting that if I don’t push the boxsets, they don’t sell very much. At least on KU. There’s an entirely different strategy and discussion for wide boxsets, because of the ability to price books higher than $9.99 and still get a good royalty rate. The other groups also value boxsets at a higher level, so you can actually get decent sales selling expensive boxsets. For example, I regularly sell book 1-6 AoB boxsets on Google Play and that’s with minimal promotion.


I haven’t made an audio boxset for System Apocalypse. Now, audio boxsets if they get over the 15 hour mark and the 25 hour mark see a big jump in sales because it’s much more value for money. A recent boxset we put together has seen the boxset selling almost 5x as fast as the previous 3 books before (which was lagging).

But that was because the previous books were lagging in sales.

System Apocalypse on the other hand is still selling very, very well individually. Creating a boxset would see a significant drop in sales in the individual books. So rather than do that, I’m holding off till I see a drop in sales (probably around 6 months after book 12 comes out) and then I’ll create a book 1-3 boxset and release it. 

Till then, I’m just sitting back and waiting.

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