So I figured I’d write this now, just ’cause it’s been a few weeks since the announcement that I got on the shortlist for the Kindle UK Storyteller award. This might be vaguely interesting for people.

Added Publicity

So far, I’ve had a single radio interview booked for me (and completed). It was a fun interview, even if it was in a Radio Cornwall one. You can actually find the interview live for people to listen to on their website (check FB or ask and I’ll find it somehow. 🙂 )

Other than that, no other publicity beyond tweets, etc. At least, none that I have seen. Note, I’m in Canada so, getting publicity and interviews and the like is likely harder.

Sales Results?

Obviously, the winner has not been announced yet. So results thus far are what we have since the announcement. And the big question is…

Did we see a rise in sales? 


I’ve talked to a few of the other finalists too and none have seen an appreciable rise. Now, note that Amazon might be taking their time on the promotions and there might be a much bigger push later for the winner, but thus far, no real reasults.

Other Notes

I’ve spoken to others before. There have been previous articles too to show that winning things like the Hugos or Nebulas don’t necessarily change sales for books. In the majority, awards just don’t do much for someone. 

Now, if I won it, there might be something to be said about altering the cover, putting it on there and mentioning the win – that might help sales / conversion rates a little. But who knows.

Unless I see an appreciable increase in sales over the next few weeks (especially after the winning announcement); don’t expect another update on this. 

Be all and end all – awards don’t sell book. At least this one doesn’t.

Write, promote via FB or AMS, etc. Don’t worry about the awards. 

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