Alright, I’m writing a new book of sorts. I did this as a presentation and wanted to explore what we do as a business to manage multiple series. At this time, I have 11 different series across four or so genres. All of them with massively different profit profiles. Because of that, we need to work out how to manage all these series, how to make use of the resources (time and money) most efficiently.

This is basically what we came up with.

The idea is borrowed from the Boston Consulting Group Matrix and other such marketing toolboxes. I should caveat that, as always, this is a two dimensional view of a complex system. It’s a theory, a model to help thinking. It is not meant to reflect reality. If it helps structure your thoughts, it has met its goals.

The goal of the book and the following posts are, in order:

  • to help you differentiate between different series you might have
  • to provide a guide to marketing activity for each series type that will vary depending if they are backlist or on-going series
  • to help you create a promotional plan for all series through the year

Next week, we’ll go into the actual chart and the product lines (or series) and how to differentiate them.

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