Figured this would be interesting, since a bunch of (other) authors told me to recover the Hidden Wishes series. 

Well, I did recover Hidden Wishes and here’s the results (just over a month – recovered on Feb 16). The jump in the last 2 days is when we posted a promotional notice about the work again in LitRPG books and saw increased interest again in the series.  

You can see an overallmore consistent level of sales. It’s not huge in $ terms (if we excluded the promo post, we’d probably look at around a $100 or 125 increase in a month); but if you take it as a % increase, that’s a 50% increase from February (at least). All rough estimates of course, but still quite fascinating.

And this doesn’t include my other wide income which might see an increase since the new covers have gone out. Total cost of the recovers was quite low too since I used Olivia, in the $50 per cover range.

So yeah, sometimes, it might just be your covers.

Will be testing FB ads again soon, we shall see what happens. And maybe AMS.

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