Over the last year (give or take), I’ve been slowly stepping back from speaking with and/or aiding authors in certain groups or other forums. Not that I was the most prolific of posters, but I still used to post corrections or provide information when it was necessary.

In particular, I did it in smaller groups that were specific to the genres where I write mostly. Partially because so many of the authors were new, I had more information than them by sheer virtue of having past experience in business, a lot more books / series to have tested things out on AND a willingness to take losses to test theories and concepts.

However, events and just general exhaustion has pushed me to just stop doing so. I am happy to help friends, individuals who I know or meet. And, of course, these posts continue on (though, again, I’m not sure how much longer).

The fact is, I don’t make money off these posts – or nothing enough to really count. There are 14 (at time of writing) business post patrons. That’s $28. 

Could I charge more? Sure. But really, that’s less money than a single short story written. Should I look at building a writing author consulting business? Maybe – except most authors who need my help can’t afford it, and the ones who can afford it, rarely need my help.

So, free (or close to free) posts, on the regular for a while more. 

Pulling back has mostly been to focus on what makes me money and makes me happy. These posts are fun, but I could also just spend the same amount of time playing with a friend’s AMS or FB dashboard, help them make money on a more individual basis.

So, over the next little while, I’ll keep posting about the business side. I’ll talk about the things I know of, that I test and so on so forth. I might hold back on data a bit more, but in many ways, there are people out there who are just better at the tactical aspects (FB/AMS/Social Media/etc.) than I am. 

I can get most things to 80%, and I like to think I’m pretty damn good on the strategic side. But the more I look at it, the less I’m concerned about disproving people or pointing out areas that are wrong or just talking about things I’ve tested. Most of that data is out there, I’ll just post what I want on the business side when I want.

Lastly, I’m also probably going to shift out of pure marketing discussion, to some of the other areas we deal with, like organisation structure, SOPs, etc. 

Just a minor note about the nature of posts coming down. 

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