Life in the North is being adapted into a comic and we’re now up to Issue #6! It’s only available in ebook format for the time being, but a paperback version will soon follow.

One more issue to reach the end of Life in the North!

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Did you know there are System Apocalypse comics in other languages?

And there’s a new System Apocalypse short story available!

Daily Jobs, Coffee and and an Awfully Big Adventure

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Some Adventures Begin and End Small

Life after the Apocalypse is one daily grind after another. It’s a good thing for Wendy that she’s got friends. A lot of friends as a fairy summoner.

But life in Exeter is not easy, even for a summoner and the grind of daily jobs and never-ending quests is getting to her. She’s got one shot at getting a place for her own, a place of safety and maybe getting ahead. But it’ll require Wendy to do the one thing she swore she’d never do again.

Fight monsters.