Things I’ve learnt about cooking recently. Writing as a gentle reminder to brain:

Kosher Salt

  • It’s salt, just with larger grains.  Makes spreading easier.
  • With salt, if doing a dry-rub; marinade with salt and dry-rub overnight (or a few hours before cooking, usual deal).  Salt will draw moisture out and then eventually ‘push’ marinade and moisture into the meat.
  • Incredible with roasts. So-so (i.e. easy to over-salt) with chicken.



  • Ignore idiot 4-hour workweek writer. Browning is very important. Take the time to cook it properly – it’ll make a difference
  • Browning requires a high temperature; so pre-heat the pan a lot before you toss the meat in
  • Also, don’t crowd the meat.  And make sure meat is dry(ish) when you brown, it’ll make sure you get the nice chunky brown bits.
  • Deglazing is good if you aren’t using really good pans; it’ll get you the nice crunchy bits to add.



  • Make your own. Seriously. Keep bones in refrigerator till you get enough, then boil.
  • Slow-cookers are amazing for this.
  • Add onions & salt. Anything else you want to season your stock with; I generally prefer just plain bones, water and onions.
  • Freeze extra stock.  Makes anything you’d add water to so much better


  • Remember to buy some cheap wine and keep it around.  Doesn’t have to be amazing wine – I can’t taste the difference.
  • Use it for braising or stewing (red wine for beef & pork and other red meats). Adds a ‘layer’ beneath the meal; makes it so good…
  • Make note – try adding black molasses instead next time to see if it makes a difference and removes need for wine