((This was an April Fool’s Joke. If you followed the link at the bottom, it linked to a graphic stating as much))

As many of you know, I write the System Apocalypse series of books starting with Life in the North. The series is now six books long with an estimated six other books to be released before the story is done.

Recently, I’ve been noticing the use of my series name ‘the System Apocalypse’ on a regular basis by numerous individuals. However, the usage of the ‘System Apocalyse’ is often not in relation to my series, but to the genre of books that involve a post-apocalyptic scenario where game screens have happened.

Unfortunately, this widespread and incorrect use of the series name affects the brand of my series that I have worked hard to build. As such, after consultation, I have decided to copyright the term “System Apocalypse” and will, from now on, request that people stop using the term to describe the genre.

I hope that everyone understands the need to do so. For full details of the copyright submission, please follow the link.