Haven’t had time to go into a lot of details about writing business posts, so I figured I’d use this to provide people data points for use. In particular.

I recently ran a UK Bookbub (March 20, 2020).

Details here:

Direct sales on Life in the North = spike of another 96 or so books  in the UK over 2 days (came in last days I could schedule a sale so I couldn’t extend the $0.99). No long tail of sales after that, I dropped back to normal unit number of sales.

Some minor increase in KU reads – like $2-3 for the last few days. Nothing to shout about.

Series sales – not much difference in actual sales afterwards. Numbers are too dirty to tell for sure, but it looks for SALES to be about the same. Maybe unit sale increase of 1 or 2 per day more (again, data is dirty).

Series KU reads – nothing much for the first 4/5 days. Average number of KU reads. Then after that, I’m averaging another 4-7 more book reads (about $10) per day . So the long tail for reads takes a bit to kick in.

Overall, worth the UK Bookbub because I have the other books. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t be worth it other than to put more books into hands.

Things that might further confuse the information – I also did a bunch of other newsletters during this period, some of which will obviously impact the UK numbers. However, it should be minimal. 

And of course, Covid-19 period so, you know, results are probably a little depressed like the readers.

Adventures on Brad – WIDE Sales

Next, on our random data points for people to look at. We present to you; AoB sales from 2018 – 2020 as a %. Now, 2020% data points for Audio is weird because of the way payments and everything else gets sent to us (royalty data takes forever and while unit sales might show up, actual payment is off). So ignore that for 2020.

Sales (in total) have been going up, so even when % shares of ebook sales for example are the same,

Year Amazon ACX WIDE Audio Wide Ebook Wide Ebook %

2018 60% 36%         0%                  4%             5.81%

2019 60% 33%        %                4%              5.76%

2020 100% 0%          9%              11%                9.78%

First portion is a % of total revenue. the last column is a % of ebook revenue. You can see how ebook revenue slowly creeps up on the wide side as the years go by. The biggest change in late 2019 / 2020 is that I went permafree for book 1.

That definitely works and I’m going to be testing it out on the Hidden Wishes series in a bit. 

Anyway, useful data for people. As always, feel free to ask.

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