Like many LitRPG authors, I’m going to be turning up at Dragoncon. I have no booth nor am I registered as a professional author, so I’m going to be floating around through the event.

Since I’m at the con, I am going to make signed copies of the books available for anyone interested. Yes, that includes the various author friends who have asked. To make sure I have enough copies, I need a count. So.

If you want a copy, please:

  1. State your name. Which book(s) you want and the number.
  2. Assume $15 per copy for a book. A deposit of US$5 per book will be required. PayPal to
  3. I will schedule at least 1 if not 2 pickup sessions for the books.
  4. Books that are NOT picked up by the end of the convention will be donated / resold / etc. I will not be able to bring them home and/or reship them to you.

Because Amazon takes up to 3 weeks to print a book and ship it out, I need to know final numbers by August 1. I will have a few extra copies of book 1 of the System Apocalypse and A Thousand Li with me probably, but I would not count on getting one.