A Vampire LitRPG short story

Step Carefully For The Night Is Dark

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Kylie Porter needs a break. Novacry VR’s Eternal Night is it – the VR vampire game that her editor wants her to write about. But she’s not a gamer, so she’s going to have to learn to fake it for her article. With a little help.

Johnathan Masters is that help. An old friend who is doing her a favour, he’s a lot more confident and good looking in the game, even if they’ve both touched themselves up. But she’s a professional and this is just a game.

None of it’s really real? Is it?

First Steps into the Night is a vampire LitRPG short story (approximately 10k long) written by Tao Wong, the author of the System Apocalypse, Hidden Wishes and A Thousand Li series. It is not a fade-to-black story, set in a VR vampire MMORPG.

E-book available:

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