Some quick notes for my own rememberance from the latest 2 grappling classes.

First class – how to escape from guard to side guard.

  • push up to keep head away from body.  Hands go to liver or lower ribs
  • don’t leave hands on chest
  • get up on one leg, use the propped up knee to shove elbow into pressure point on inside of thigh.
  • slide opposite knee / shin over the now lowered leg and push over to side
  • keep body low, stay next to opponent
  • go into side guard, getting underhook and overhook if possible with knees to upper body and thigh as fast as possible


  • step past opponent’s front leg
  • sweep with second leg, kicking into his weak centre of balance while twisting with arm (elbow and arm hangs down in 90 degree) to throw
  • keep control of arm, get into side straddle with back to ground and his arm between legs
  • Curl leg around his head to you to control head
  • pull back to finish. Thumb facing up.

Counter to Throw

  • Let yourself be thrown, roll with the throw and keep arm to head.
  • Bring leg furthest from body overhead to counter and go into a direct armbar

Day 2 lessons

Getting out from guard to side

  • Trap his double-arm (i.e. two hands on you) with one arm.
  • Opposite hand, crunch to his leg and hook all the way to elbow.
  • Roll opponent to side
  • Enter side control

Head control in side

  • If you are grasping his head in side control (facing up), splay legs in 90 angle.  One directly perpendicular to him, the other as much of 90 as possible.  Grab thigh with your arm around his head.
  • This will stop him from throwing you off by pulling you towards him and then away to regain control

Head control to choke

  • From above position, flip legs around so that you are now facing him downwards
  • Prop legs up, angled into him
  • Squeeze with arms (gently, no need to use much force) and let your shoulder dig into him to create the choke

Head / arm control to armbar

  • push hand down towards leg
  • from there you can use first propped up leg (straight perpendicular before) to prop underneath and then cross to go into armbar
  • if arm starts turning, follow the turning and slip under opposite leg and lock with second leg.  Raise hips and push down gently to finish