Been reading a few posts on the LitRPG subreddit. One thing that comes to mind is that I’m very much a ‘casual’ MMO player. I’ve never managed to get to end game content in MMOs, having either lost interest or loss out in lack of time between leveling my toon and getting to the end game.

The two MMOs I’ve spent significant amounts of time on were Eve and WoW. Of the two, Eve was actually my favorite and even then, I was mostly running missions.

On the other hand, I’ve been running / GMing / playing tabletop RPGs since the mid 90’s with minor dabbling in the 80s (Robotech to be exact).  For most of my university years, Vampire the Masquerade was my game.

Watching the discussions about virtual reality MMOs and how so many games are getting end game content wrong, how guilds and builds are not done right or the way PvP is / isn’t evil, etc. I find myself somewhat stomped. It might be why I trend towards real life LitRPGs and stray away from virtual reality MMOs.

This post brought to you by procrastination over writing the next scene in Book 5 of the System Apocalypse.

PS: Book 4 releases in 2 days!

PPS: I have technically written 1 1/2 stories for a VRMMO that is based on an urban fantasy, supernatural game. Now I just need to finish story no.2 and write 2 more so that it’s publishable length. *sighs*