A Thousand Li

A Thousand Li is a cultivation series that draws upon traditional Chinese wuxia and xanxia novels as well as the recent explosion of cultivation webnovels.

In A Thousand Li, we follow the life of Long Wu Ying as he grows from a peasant farmer to a cultivator in the search for immortality. He’ll meet true friends and devious enemies on his thousand li cultivation journey.

Available in audiobook format.

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A Thousand Li: The First Steps

The First Step: Book 1

Long Wu Ying never expected to join a Sect or become a real cultivator. His days were spent studying, planting rice on the family farm and spending time with his friends. Fate, however, has different plans for Wu Ying and when the army arrives at his village, he and many other members of the village are conscripted. Given the opportunity to join the Verdant Green Waters Sect, Wu Ying must decide between his pedestrian, common life and the exciting, blood soaked life of a cultivator.

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A Thousand Li: The First Stop

The First Stop: Book 2

Wu Ying has now settled into the Verdant Green Waters Sect as an inner Sect member. Now, he’s got to progress on his cultivation and find a second occupation while keeping himself out of trouble.

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A Thousand Li: The First War

The First War: Book 3

War clouds loom and Wu Ying is drawn into the conflict, against his and the Sect’s desires. Will the Verdant Green Waters Sect manage to weather the storm or will the deluge of hate and violence wash away the Sect and its members?

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A Thousand Li: The Second Expedition

The Second Expedition: Book 4

Wu Ying’s idle winter, one filled with training and recovery, is throw awry when his Master and Elder Yang return, injured. The Three Seasons poison fills Master Cheng’s veins, slowly killing the powerful Elder. His only hope – a rare antidote. But the ingredients for such an antidote are scarce and located in the deepest wilds.

Together, Wu Ying and Elder Yang take it upon themselves to embark on a Second Expedition to acquire the necessary materials. It would be a dangerous journey through the State of Wei normally, but in the shadows, enemies await to finish the job. Wu Ying is once again pitched against dark forces as a Sect war looms.

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The Second Sect: Book 5

Not All Injuries Heal True

Wu Ying saved his master from the machinations of the dark sect but was gravely injured during the process. His body has changed, his bloodline awakened and his cultivation compromised. Physicians and healers at the Verdant Green Water can do nothing for him.

Forced to travel to a new sect for healing, Wu Ying might find opportunity in his distress. But the dark sect is not done with him, or their machinations. Caught up in the winds of war, Wu Ying and his friends must continue to balance their journey to immortality against the pull of mortal politics.

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The Second Storm: Book 6

When War Wages, Even Innocents Perish

Two years have passed and the war between the kingdoms of Shen and Wei rages on. The dark sect moves in the shadows, striking against the noble Verdant Green Waters Sect, damaging, killing and kidnapping their members.

Among the victims – Fairy Yang, Wu Ying’s martial sister. On a desperate quest to retrieve her, Wu Ying finds himself caught up in inter-sect politics and headed straight for a trap.

Tragedy awaits, but some paths, a man must walk. No matter the cost.

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The Third Kingdom: Book 7

Banished, alone, adrift. A new beginning.

Long Wu Ying has been banished from the Verdant Green Waters Sect for defying the orders of the Elders. Forced to prove himself in the outer world before he is allowed to return, Wu Ying begins a journey that will have him visiting old haunts and a new kingdom.

Amidst new cultivators, new politics and new challenges, Wu Ying must find the center of his dao and rise to the challenge.

Or be forgotten on the steps to immortality.

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The Third Realm: Book 8

Heaven commands and the Middle Kingdom Obeys

Or so the story goes. Yet, as Wu Ying travels the lands beyond the kingdom of Shen, he sees both the minor and major truth of reality. Disparate forms of government, among kingdoms and villages, among immortal sects and mortal governance abound, each with their own interpretation.

As Wu Ying chases the traces of the Heaven’s Wind, grasping at the truth it so elusively dangles before him, he must also contend with his own place under the Heaven’s. Or among them.

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The Third Cut: Book 9

Releases August 1, 2023.

An Ill Wind Blows from the South

As corruption seeps from the southern kingdom of Nanyue, Wu Ying sets out on a dangerous journey to uncover its source. Spirit stones have become corrupted, with twisted daos embedded within. If left unchecked, this corruption threatens to spread across the world.

With the guidance of the wind of heaven, Wu Ying travels across the exotic kingdom where he must confront powerful daos and perilous threats. Along the way, he is aided by companions new and old as he battles to stop the corruption before it is too late.


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