Short stories

Short stories in the “A Thousand Li” universe

Short stories in “The System Apocalypse” universe

An Unexpected Winter

A pair of university students in Britain, alone in their dorm rooms on Christmas Eve meet. Misunderstandings, loneliness and accidents force them to spend the evening together. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected that is the most rewarding.

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Starting My Way

Starting My Way: Short Story Collection

Short story collection

My Way is a collection of short stories from my early years as a writer. All these stories were written between the ages 15 to 20 or so. I’ve had them proofread, but not edited, so this product is very raw and rough.

Buy this ONLY if you want to see how far I’ve come. While I’ve gotten rid of the very, very worse shorts, many of these were while I was still learning the craft (the basics. I’m still learning).

On Cyclopses Penises and the War of Three Cities

Some journal articles are best left buried

From the works of Professor Humbridge of the College of Studied Gigantism Genetics and History comes another, highly contested article about cyclopean fertility and their effects on the history of our world. This work, unpublished in any respectable journal, asserts that it is due to the twisted genetics of cyclopses’ that caused the War of Three Kingdoms and the resulting eleventh goblin war.

Note: This work is recommended to be listened to as narrated by Travis Baldree rather than read.

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Volume Adjustments

Reincarnation demand is up, soul supply is down. What’s a god got to do but figure out what’s wrong? All the trouble traces back to a single soul crunching factory, so it’s time to find the pencils and the abacus, because there’s some accounting to do.

In all things, there must be balance. Whether it be accounts or souls.

Or in this case, both.

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The Light Collector

Imprisoned and working off his sentence, Kyle has little enough to pass his time except clean the solar mirrors he’s in charge of and watch his TV shows. However, when an error occurs in the solar arrays, the choice is between serving his sentence quietly or doing the right thing.  

Of course, sometimes, what the right thing is depends on your perspective.

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Wandering Ghosts

“Remember this. One offering, at the beginning of the month, to appease the ghosts that have left the hells. One more offering, at the end of the month.”

At the end of ghost month, offerings are made for the wandering ghosts released from hell. Accompanying his grandfather, Song and his brother encounter another visitor and trade ghost stories.

Sometimes, though, the ghosts aren’t just in stories.

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