Read Stars Awoken, Rebel Star, and Stars Asunder all at once with this new System Apocalypse boxset.

New world, old assholes. One good ass-kicking.

The Galactic capital of Irvina is a place of deep politics and old, entrenched power structures. If there’s one thing John doesn’t do, it’s injustice and bureaucracy.

Arriving in the capital, John finds a world just as unfair to its citizens as it was to humanity. Now, the retired Adventurer has to choose if he’ll return to battling for those who are unable to fight themselves or if he’ll pursue the System Quest quietly and peacefully.

Either way, people are going to get hurt.

This boxset includes three books in the System Apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic series that combines modern day life, aliens, science fiction, and fantasy elements along with game mechanics. Does not include harems.

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