The second anthology in the System Apocalypse series, is now available exclusively on Starlit Publishing!

About the Book

Dashing tales of heroics and everyday life abound in the second System Apocalypse short story anthology. Competing alien and human settlements clash, and a simple party planner is caught between in After Party. A New York trashman and his friend fight off loan sharks and exploit the System for gain, finding treasure among others garbage in Completely Trashed and a prisoner must decide between his humanity and humanity itself in WWMRD?

With over ten stories from exciting new voices and a few veterans of the universe, the second anthology highlights the lives and struggles of humanity’s best and worst years after System advent.

The second System Apocalypse short story anthology takes place between books 4 and 6 and covers years two to six during that period.

Stories and writers featured in this anthology include:

  • After Party by D.J. Rezlaw
  • Daisy’s Preschool for Little Adventurers by InkWitch
  • Ground Control by Craig Hamilton
  • Song of Whispers by Andrew Tarkin Coleman
  • Completely Trashed by Mike Parsons
  • Trouble Brewing by Nick Steele
  • Seeking and Finding by Chelsea Luckritz
  • When Our Hero Kills a Ten Story Behemoth by Tao Wong
  • The Tower of Doom by David R. Packer
  • Clipper Race by Corwyn Callahan
  • The Audacity of Soap by E. C. Godhand

The System Apocalypse: Australia omnibus edition is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

About the Book

More mutated Australian wildlife than you can shake your beam rifle at

When the System arrives, no one is ready. Most of all Kira Kent, plant biologist and single mum. She’s pulling an all-nighter, her children in tow when her beloved wildlife begins to mutate.

No more cute koala bears or bouncy kangaroos or fuzzy wallabies. Now, everything is mutated, aggressive and who made the spiders so big? The world’s most dangerous continent just got a lot more dangerous, and no one, not even the alien Galactics who arrive are ready for it.

Kira is going to have to pull together a community of survivors to forge a safe zone for her son and daughter, figure out a long term survival plan and make nice with the aliens. Or see everyone and everything she has loved die.

The System Apocalypse: Australia omnibus edition includes the first three books in the series:

  • Town Under
  • Flat Out
  • Bloody Oath

The completed boxset of all nine books in the Adventures on Brad series is now available!

About the Book

All Gifts Have Prices, All Choices Consequences.

In the land of Brad, Classes are how people survive and grow. Shifting from Class to Class, studying and expanding ones skills and leveling up is the way to progress.

Amongst the Classes are the Adventurers, brave souls who delve into the Dungeons emplaced by Erlis, high goddess to cleanse the corruption in her veins. Without cleansing, the monsters formed from the corruption will spill out into the world, causing untold danger and damage.

Amongst the populace though, there are a few Gifted. Individuals who have been given a special ability by Erlis herself. Each Gift allows the user to extend their abilities beyond the norm, though its use often has a Price.

For Daniel Chai, Gifted with the ability to heal all wounds, his life has always been a struggle. Caught between duty to humanity and friends and his own desire to be an Adventurer, he treads a delicate path. 

But fate, and Erlis, have their own designs. His choices will affect the fate of the kingdom eventually, if he is willing to pay the Price. 

This is complete set of the Adventures on Brad series: 

  • A Healer’s Gift
  • An Adventurer’s Heart
  • A Dungeon’s Soul
  • The Arena’s Call
  • The Adventurer’s Bond
  • The Forest’s Silence
  • The Guild’s Demands
  • A Capital’s Perils
  • A Royal Ending