The first volume of Magic Kingdom at War is out now on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited and Audible!

About the Book

Dying the first time sucked. Matt’s trying to avoid a repeat performance.

For Matt, joining Earth’s last line of defense was exactly the purpose he had been seeking. Having to save the world after being reincarnated in a magical realm might be enjoyable, in a soul-crushing responsibility kind of way.

But trading his office cubicle for the battlefield chaos of a 4x game world wasn’t what he had in mind. The world map is made out of hexagrams, the units are semi-sentient and his opponents have a head start. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s no instruction manual for this nightmare.

Now, Matt’s going to have to figure out how to rule a Magic Kingdom at War… or face annihilation along with the world he once knew.

Magic Kingdom at War is a tactical, base-building, crunchy LitRPG novella series.

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