Cover of Questing for Titles

This short story in the System Apocalypse Universe is now published officially! This is a story that was exclusive to patrons for a while, then on the webshop but is now available at your favorite store!

What’s in a Title?

That which the System gives by any other Title might not smell as sweet.

In the System Apocalypse, a single Title can make or break a build. And in the entire Galactic System, there are Title Seekers, those who make it their life quest to acquire the most unusual and rare Titles possible.

Earth, a new Dungeon World offers multiple possibilities. Not least among them, the one from a familiar set of golden arches. For the Kyaz, it’s a chance in a million to get a rare Title. If he can manage to evade the machinations of a fellow Title Seeker and trust his human sidekick, Xi Ping.

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