System Apocalypse News

Book 4 of the System Apocalypse is all edited and with the proofreader. No release date provided since I need to get it back before I make that announcement but it should be early June.

The Cost of Survival should start recording very soon. I expect to see it happen towards the end of this week so release of the audiobook should happen in June some time. I believe Nick is running a little behind, but not much.

Book 5 is currently being written because of demand. And inspiration. I’m already at 33k words which if normal word count is to be expected is a 1/3 of the way through. Not sure but I have a feeling this book might be a bit longer.

Adventures on Brad

I am working on putting together a box set which should release all 3 books in one simple book. I’ll probably release that sometime soon, probably in July. At that point, I might or might not take the AoB out of Kindle Unlimited. I’ve seen a HUGE drop in reads this month, 1 month after going into KU. Which is disappointing. I’m now making less per month than when I sold these wide.

I’ll be waiting to see what it’s like after Book 4 of the System Apocalypse releases. It might just be a case of me not releasing anything this month. Either way, I’ll ride it out for a little longer.

As mentioned, the idea for Book 4 is quite clear for me so I’ll probably dig in and start writing on this after Book 5 of the System Apocalypse.

A Gamer’s Wish…

Currently on hiatus. Hmmm… the problem with so many series is that I write where ideas hit to some extent and AGW Book 2 isn’t really plotted out well. Henry and Lily are going to have to wait till I find some time to sit down and type. This might happen right after Book 4 of the AoB perhaps. We’ll see.