So. I have 3 stories approved for the short story, another that might be approved depending on final changes to fix a promising story that broke a bunch of rules.

On that note, there is unfortunately not enough words thus far to release the stories as an anthology (less than 40k words from the approved 3 stories together).

That means I need to open up the anthology again. I’m keeping it open until I get at least 2 more stories, though I’d love to be able to get the entire thing up to 80k words (without my own).

On that note, anthology is open for submissions. Additional notes about the System World to help create characters can be found here.

But, because I have realised there were some issues with the submissions, I’m going to clarify some things with submissions and the System (see:

  1. Please format your file.
    At the minimum – use Times New Roman or another san serif font. Use indents for paragraphs (except first paragraph of new section). Left justify. Font size minimum 11 (12 depending on your font). 1.5 spacing between lines.
  2. Spellcheck
    While occasional missing words or the wrong word use is expected, if you have not run a basic spell check on your work, it’s going to get rejected.
  3. Ask.
    If you are trying something potentially rule-breaking, ask if it actually works before you write the book. For example, one author asked about zombies. Uncontrolled undead don’t exist. Golem corpses (which, yes, are sort of like zombies) do. Vampires are just another race. Parasitic monsters that go into a body and take control of the corpses, no problem. Easy enough to work with and fix issues.
  4. Advanced Class Cheaters
    If you are introducing another Advanced Class cheaty character, it’s worth thinking about and adding a note about the character and where said character is by the end of World Unbound. If said character is not dead, it’s someone that Mikito & the Champions would know about. Now, they might be too selfish to join the Champions, or might be a non-combat character, but it’s worth thinking about and letting me know. Otherwise, it’s hard to figure if this is something that is going to be acceptable as these stories are ‘canon’ of sort.

As always, questions, ask.

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