The System has arrived in Australia!

Town Under (Book 1 of System Apocalypse: Australia) is now available!

Co-written by Somnia Online author K.T. HannaTown Under follows Kira Kent, plant biologist and mother of two. 

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What’s worse than Australian wildlife? Mutated Australian wildlife.

The System Apocalypse has come to Australia, altering native organisms and importing even more menacing creatures to the most dangerous continent on Earth. For Kira Kent, plant biologist, the System arrives while she’s pulling an all nighter at work with her pair of kids in tow.

Now, instead of mundane parental concerns like childcare and paying the bills, she’s got to figure out how to survive a world where already deadly flora and fauna have grown even more perilous – all while dealing with the minutiae of the System’s pesky blue screens and Levels and somehow putting together a community of survivors to forge a safe zone to shelter her son and daughter.

It almost makes her miss the PTA fundraising sales. Almost.

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Town Under FAQ:

Who is the protagonist?

She’s a mum with two kids in tow.

When is this set? Do I need to read the other series to understand what is going on?

Nope! This is set during System advent, just like Life in the North and Fist Full of Credits. As such, you do not need to read any of the other series to understand the book. In fact, Town Under sees a few twists on the System you don’t see in the other books.

What Class does she get?

That’d be telling, but it is a Basic Class. No boosts (in that sense) for her!

How much violence and/or sex is there?

Lots of violence, lots of mutated monsters from the Australian wildlife, no sex.

When is the audiobook coming out? Who is recording it?

Andrea Parsneau of Wandering Inn fame is our narrator. She starts narrating Wednesday and we expect to get the files back end of the month. I’ll have it up for sale ASAP on my website then, but with it being November/December, release on Audible & iTunes might be a little slow as it goes through its usual QC procedures.

When is book 2 coming out?

KT is writing it now. We’re hoping to have it out by March 1, and will try for earlier but editing, proofing and putting out a good book takes precedence.

Why is this in the LGBTQ categories?

The main character is pansexual. There are hints of a burgeoning same sex relationship, though obviously in the time of the apocalypse, there’s not a lot of time for that.

When is book 12 of System Apocalypse coming?

I’m writing it right now. The pre-order is set for Feb 1 release but I’m probably realistically pushing it to March 1.

Where’s the audiobook for book 11 of the System Apocalypse series?

It’s waiting to be recorded. We’re looking start of 2022 for it to arrive.