Tales of Brad Book 2 first draft is done.  I’m going to set it aside for a few weeks while I write up Book 1 so that my brain clears.  I’ve already thought of a few things that need editing / adding for the book so that’s part of the reason for setting it aside.

Writing for Life inthe North is going alright.  Sort of have 3 chapters done.  I’m considering not doing a full post of the story on Royal Road.  I do like getting Alpha readers involved, but not sure it’s necessary.

Waiting to get paid from Amazon / etc.  As it stands, I probably won’t get any money till end August the way Amazon pays out. *sighs* Not that the money I make is life-changing or anything, but you know, I’m considering using part of the payout to pay for professional proof-reading.  On one hand, that might fix isues with the books.  On the other… well, maybe it won’t do much?

Amusing fact – some of the complaints about bad spelling is because I’m using British (Canadian) spelling rather than US.  Ugh.  I have now decided to let Microsoft Word check documents for US Spelling.