So, had an idea for a board game – a board game about running a game store. So I figured I’d start putting notes here.  I doubt I have the time to actually ever make it a game, but who knows eh?

So, start is always cash.  Everyone starts with an equal amount of cash.  Win condition of course is whoever has the most amount of cash – probably do it over 5 or 7 year rounds.  5 is probably the minimum but we shall see; depends on how long it takes.

Everyone starts out with only cash.  Players have to buy a location – whatever locations there are changes each game (random draw of cards).  B&M locations all have a set cost to buy into (upfront) and a regular cost.  Amount of cost will vary as well.  Also, each location will generally have a certain set ‘marketing level’ in it.

There will be a web store. Lowest cost set-up, low monthly cost but 0 marketing level.

Start of turn – turn over event card which dictates industry in play.  Keep a maximum of 2 events running, though some events will be 1 off events.

Thinking that regular turns, individuals choose from a hand of cards which are their ‘roles’ or ‘actions’ that turn.  Everyone starts with a preset amount of actions they can take (their ‘staff’ actions).  You choose (in secret) what priority you place on each action (order).

First action flips over, individual who turn it is starts and gets to choose / take that action first and puts his marker on it.  Sort of like Dungeon Lords – but everyone can do everything all the time, just effectiveness might degrade.

Number of actions is dictated by staff.

So, actions:

  • buy products (from market, which has a refill amount – levels will need to be preset / adjusted)
  • hire staff (staff also have a cost)
  • marketing (have individuals get first choice from customer pool or maybe get more cards?)
  • customer service / sales (free area, keep more customer cards?)
  • events (generate more revenue, keep more customer cards – not available to web store I’d guess)
  • cleanliness (clean store, keep grunge level down)
  • training (special cards / skills? Or too complicated for skills?)
  • ? – anything else

Market for products – CCGs, Miniatures, Board Games, RPGs.  Each has a different refill rate and ‘set amount’ of stock.  Product will be refilled each turn.

On players boards, items bought from market indicate the type of stock they have.  End of turn, certain number of products disappear (shrinkage / obsoletion. Certain product obsolete slower than others – e.g. RPGs)

During customer acquistion / resolution, everyone gets their customer cards.  Customer cards have 2 cash sections, one for how much they provide if all their ‘needs’ are met; another for how much they are worth in short-term (single sale to them).  If all customers needs are met, you can then choose to keep them where they then provide revenue on an on-going basis (loyal customer).  All loyal customers though have a ‘grunge’ factor.  If your total grunge factor in store is too high, other customers will not buy from you (you lose them as customers) due to lack of cleanliness/etc. in store.

Any non-loyal customers get sent into the customer pool (maybe only around for 1 turn or something) where they might be picked up by the person with marketing role choice in next turn (or special cards).   If customer deck runs out, reshuffle all discarded customer cards; but a certain number should be ‘thrown out’ (i.e. to indicate the decreasing number of customers – market saturation?)

Also, end of turn should have customers disappear along with the stock (i.e. you lose regular customers as well).

That’s pretty much the basics of the game there.  Interaction really is only in role-choice / order and the resource market; not sure if more is needed.