Alright, I figured I should write this before I ask people to try writing for the System Apocalypse anthology again. It’ll also pull together some information I have and created.

Apocalypse Timeline & Things to Remember:

  • Apocalypse happens in early April
  • Perks are given for when the zone initiation starts (at that moment).
  • There is a 1 hour grace period before spawning occurs
  • XP is provided for those spawning in high zone location, but only for really high level areas. 0-25 = 1000, 51-75 = 2500, 75 -100 = 5000, 100+= 7500
  • For the vast majority of locations, there are no teleported creatures in the first few hours. So, the vast majority of monsters appearing are those that have evolved from Earth animals in the first hour.
  • Teleported creatures start appearing as more and more Mana floods in to high level zones.
  • Those in big cities do not generally get perks. Monsters can level, after eating enough humans / other creatures.
  • Some locations have big bads teleported in that do damage. Some leave (who cares about the ants), other cause damage just by being: ” Santiago disappeared when an Air Elemental sucked up all the Mana and air in the region. Bangalore had a swarm of Liminir Locusts, flesh-eating insects that get into everything. New Orleans was flooded when a Leviathan surfaced nearby and got shot at by the navy. As I said, you got lucky “

System Details

  • Basic Classes attributes between 5 – 9 (including free)
  • Advance Classes get between 10 – 19.
  • Classes are ‘idealised versions’ of what a myth, idea, profession is. The wider (more diverse and applicable) a Class is, the less powerful its Skills. So, a Mage would create a less powerful Fireball than an Elementalist who would make less powerful Fire Mages. Restrictions empower a Class, while flexibility decreases the power and increases Mana cost for Skills.
  • Starting stats are anywhere from 4-24 generally (9-12 is the human ‘average’ range). Anything over 16+ puts you in the top %.
  • Class Skills at the basic level have 5 tiers. Advanced 4. Master 3. etc. There are 3 ‘columns’ (generally) themed around ‘personal’ improvement, and 2 other ‘Class’ importance improvements.
  • So, as an example, Mikito’s three columns are a body buff, melee or ranged Skills at her initial stage.
  • Advanced Classes build upon Base Classes, providing more specialised abilities.
  • For non-combat Classes, those 3 options work out roughly like this: ” On one branch, you’ve got production Skills—making things faster, cheaper, or just replicating. Then you’ve got the assessment or analysis Skills—things that let the Artisan get better at what they’re doing (personal improvement). Lastly, you’ve got the actual product Skills, which dictate what you can produce. Within each of those product Skills, you might have classes of items or tiers which can improve how well you produce items of that sort
  • Skills trigger almost immediately. Spells take a bit of casting time. Speed of casting mostly depends on intelligence (for distraction and sorting out spell formula and sensing Mana, etc.)
  • It takes 5,000 XP to go up a Basic Level (up to Level 10). Then it increases by 5000 (10,000 XP) till 20. Continue in same format.

I think that’s the major notes for people creating stuff. Feel free to ask questions below.