So… lots to update I think.

Adventures on Brad

The audiobook for book 5 is currently being worked on. I expect it to finish by the end of this month then we’ll just be waiting on Audible to approve the files.

Book 6 will be written after I finish my current writing project.

System Apocalypse

Nic has started recording book 5, so I’m hoping we’ll see it released later in March. Sorry about the delay, as mentioned, sickness hit. No word on book 6 but I figure late June, maybe July.

I am writing book 7 right now. You can find preview chapters posted on the Patreon ( We’re currently expecting it to release June 1 since I’m only a 1/3 of the way through the writing.

A Thousand Li: First Steps (Cultivation Novel)

My next release is the cultivation novel, A Thousand Li: First Steps and it’s scheduled to release April 1. I am only 1 chapter away from finishing my edits after which it’ll go to the Editor. I’ll be adding a Glossary to it, so I expect there to be a little bit of work on top of the usual editing/etc.

I’m SUPER excited about this and I think it’s probably some of the best writing I’ve done. I’m really excited to show it to everyone once it releases.

And that’s it…

Well, except the super secret project. That’ll be released later, though the Patrons already know about it. I don’t have a timeline though, which is why it’s secret too.