Lots to update. Mostly to do with the System Apocalypse series, but let’s get on with this.

System Apocalypse

John in his armour from issue 2 of the System Apocalypse comic.
  • Rebel Star (book 8) of the series goes to the editor on Oct 15, 2019. I’m nearly done with the editing so I should have no problem hitting this deadline. Assuming 2 weeks of editing, 3 weeks of proofreading, we’re looking at a Dec 1, 2019 release.
  • Nick Podehl has started recording of World Unbound. I’m already getting chapters, so I’m hoping we’ll see it released in November. Book 7 is scheduled to record end of this year / early next year. Book 8 I believe is 3 months after that.
  • The System Apocalypse Anthology Vol 1 is nearly done. I am shooting for a Nov 1, 2019 release. Look out for a cover reveal and pre-order of that one. I still have to finish a short story / intermission bit, but that should be easy enough to finish.
  • System Apocalypse the Comic Issue 2 is nearly done. I’ve got the artist working on that right now and we’ll transition immediately to issue 3 (with a minor diversion to get the translated comics for Issue 1 done. I’ve got translations in German, Russian and French).

Hidden Wishes

  • As mentioned, once the editing for Rebel Star is finished and I write the anthology intermission pieces, I’ll be back to Djinn’s Wish.
  • I am already at 10k words for this book, so I expect I’ll be able to wrap this up around end November for the first draft. Expect to release this around February of next year.
  • This will likely be the last book in this series for a while.

A Thousand Li

  • The First War (book 3) will be my ‘big’ project to start 2020. I’ll likely start it around December 2019 and work on getting it done and released for either March 1 or April 1. I’m unsure which right now, but that’s my next ‘big’ project.
  • Once that’s done, I’ll either transition to Adventures on Brad book 7 or another new ‘silly’ series.

Other Updates

  • I will be travelling to Vegas for a book convention in November. This will (mildly) impact some of the writing timelines, but not much.
  • After some consideration, I’m planning to adjust my writing schedule for 2020. Rather than get super stressed, I’m going to plan to write four (4) books next year. For the most part, that means that System Apocalypse & A Thousand Li are probably looking at 2 or 1 release a year.

    This will reduce likelihood of burnout and pain (tendinitis); while leaving me time to plan the books out a little more.

    Again, this is the scheduled plan. I expect the way I work, I’ll write more. But I’ll ONLY promise 4 books. Yes, this is me tricking my brain to not castigate me for being lazy and not hitting my release schedule. Which is what happened this year when I accidentally-on purpose planned 7 books to release in 2019.