I’m excited to announce that we have joined a new platform for reviewing books called Indie Story Geek. Think of it as the indie book world’s version of Goodreads, except they have a different rating system. Instead of rating out of 5 stars, you rate a book on characteristics like world building, storytelling, and immersion.

Plus, if you are a book reviewer or book blogger, authors have the option of providing free, downloadable copies of select books to bloggers.

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Here’s what Indie Story Geek has to say about their unique rating system:

”Readers, simply click on Browse and input any categories you prefer for age-range or genre. A list of books will show up with a “story shape” visualizing the average scores for the book over those eight criteria with a radar chart. If you as a reader find yourself gravitating toward a certain type of book, the story shapes should help you find something to fit that preference! When you click on the book, you’ll go to the book page, where you can find the average scores for the book experience broken down, as well as individual book experience scores from each reviewer, along with a link to a more in-depth review if they’ve chosen to include one.”