Life in the North, Book 1

John Lee – Main Character (See John's Main Page)

Ali – System Spirit Companion to John (See Ali's Main Page)

Lord Graxin Roxley, Baron of the Seven Seas, Hunter of Drakyl, Master of the Sword and the Black Flame, Corinthian of the Second Order and acclaimed Dancing Master of the 196th Ball.

Roxley is a Dark Elf Truinnar noble. He can ban people from the shop in Whitehorse if he wants. System-registered owner of Whitehorse. As a Truinnar, he is fond of prime numbers.

Ali’s assessment: “Dark Elf, Baron, killed over a hundred demons, blade master and special fire mage, likes to cuddle with men aggressively and is a pretty, pretty dancer.”

People address him as “My Lord”.

Appearance: 6’ 6” of lithe grace and purple hair that reaches his back. Pointy ears, black skin and purple eyes dominate an angular face atop a military cut swing jacket that’s all in black with hints of purple.

Randy – Owner or housemate of John’s 1 bedroom suite. Assumed dead during integration of the System on Earth. No body found.

Jim – Elder of the Safe Zone Whitehorse community. John has to teach him how to use the system and loot his kills.

Lana Pearson – Level 25 Beast Tamer, HP 230/230. First appears in Whitehorse. Convinces John to let her, Richard, and Mikito stay at his place. Pre-apocalypse Business Major, Economics Minor. Has long red hair.

Mikito Sato – Level 30, Samurai, HP 470/470. First appears in Whitehorse. Follows Richard and Lana to stay at John’s place and becomes one of their main hunting party members. (Book 2 = Level 32)

Richard Pearson – Level 27 Beast Tamer, HP 210/210. First appears in Whitehorse. Along with half a dozen mini pony dogs convince John to let him, Lana, and Mikito stay at his place. There’s a rumor that he got himself chemically neutered in the Shop. He has put a lot of points into Charisma which makes him very popular with various sexual partners. (Book 2 = Level 31, HP 250/250)

Melissa O’Keefe – Level 38 Protector, from Carcross. Hefty, carries a giant hammer, brunette with pixie haircut. Is mother to Jason Cope.

Jason Cope – Level 36 Wizard, teenager, gaunt & tall. Son of Melissa O’Keefe. Tends to min-max his stats as if he’s in a game, which is looked down upon by John. (Book 2 = Level 38 Elementalist, HP 230/230)

Elder Andrea Badger – First Nation Shaman elder, Level 8, described as matronly, from Carcross

Mike Gadsby – Level 34 Guardian, Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable. Has a heavy Francophone accent. Was out fighting monsters with a group during the night and petitions John’s help to access the shop and make Carcross a safe zone. Ali haggles with him to trade items from John’s inventory. (Book 2 = Level 37, HP 940/940)

Perry – First appears in Carcross. Wants to figure out how laser guns work and gained a level in Energy Weapons. Shows John around Carcross.

Xev – A giant spider who runs an armourer shop in Whitehorse. Other characters assign Xev the pronoun ‘It’.

Sally – Owner of Sally’s Alchemical & Magical Emporium. Female, Gnome. Has a chipper personality. 4ft tall, long purple hair. Wears a smock.

Amelia Olmstead (Level 14 Guardian) – Previously a member of the RCMP pre-apocalypse, HP: 410/410

Anne, goes by Luthien Celbrindal – John’s ex girlfriend. Sorceress class. Pre-apocalypse Anne used to play RPG games, which gave her a leg up when the apocalypse came. Her and John had a brutal (for John) breakup after he found out she was cheating on him with Nicodemus. Post-apocalypse, Luthien and Nicodemus are both a part of the Raven’s Circle, and interact with John here and there, though he tries to limit his contact with them as much as possible. John describes her as manipulative. (Book 2 = Level 38 Sorceress, HP 540/540)

Nicodemus – Luthien’s boyfriend, member of the Raven Circle.

Rachel Martin – Mage. Scar down the left side of her face, dark hair, high cheek bones, dark brown eyes. One of the survivors rescued by John and his party becomes the fourth member of their party. Specializes in Earth Magic. Just before fighting the Crilik Shifters, it is indicated that Rachel is a Level 26 Mage, HP: 220/220.

Aiden – John’s Mana Manipulation Trainer. Wears a man-bun, John describes him as a hipster.

Karen – A fit woman in one of Aiden’s training classes who flirts with John, and whom John later booty calls as he looks for a non-complicated way to get laid.

Eric, referred to by John as Minion – Described as short, florid, and whiney. Sticks close to the Mayor. Wears a suit.

Fred Curteneau – Pre-apocalypse elected Mayor of Whitehorse and member of the post-apocalypse Whitehorse Council. John describes him as slimy and overweight, and having a smile that makes him feel like he needs to shower.

Battleaxe – Gray haired, flower-wearing old woman present when the Whitehorse council interrogates John about his Spirit companion and his dealings with Lord Roxley. She gets upset and yells at John for telling Roxley about them. John nicknames her Battleaxe.

DA (Downton Abbey) – Older woman, most likely in her 60s, part of the Whitehorse council. English accent. Described as very average.

Lieutenant Vir – Is with Constable Amelia at Xev’s waiting for John during his three day stay at the Carcross Fort after nearly killing Eric. A Truinnar with white hair and obsidian skin, one of the few Truinnars who frequents the Nugget (in Book 2).

Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2

Labashi RokaHakarta Lieutenant (Level 31 Burning Scar), HP: 4890/4890.

Aron Hauser – Level 38 Axe Brother, HP: 1240 / 1240. One of the Yerick in a hunting party that John helped save during a battle.

Bill Cross – Level 46 Enforcer, HP: 1400/1400. A good 6’4”, middle-aged with a strong jaw and a brown, crewcut hairstyle, handsome in a “human” way, someone you’d see walking down the street rather than in the movies. In Book 2, Luthien’s newest love interest, and owner/founder of a brewery and strip club.

Nelia Renar – Level 48 Shaman Truthseeker, Yerick, one of Capstan First Fist’s companions.

Tahar Ocasio – Yerick Adventurer, one of Capstan First Fist’s companions.

Miranda LaFollet – Human Councillor. John encounters her in the Yerick’s compound. She has a French-Canadian accent.

Tim – Used to run with the Raven’s Circle, but left when their attitude towards his Dragonkin modifications make him feel more like a freak. He took a job at Xev’s shop helping it fix things.

Leonard – BioTechnician Class, Lana flirts with Leonard to get him to attempt to create a bio-weapon against the Onlivik Spores that are infesting the Frakin in Two-Horn Mountain Dungeon.

Her Grace Wuli Kangana, Duchess of the Pourquoi States – Employs the Hakarta led by Labashi and owns the Village of Fairbanks and the Town of Anchorage.

Ingrid Starling – Assassin/Rogue, Bill’s friend, first called Shadow-girl by John because her class or skills blocks others from seeing her information, including name.