Creatures either System generated or mutated, as well as species from off-planet.

Life in the North, Book 1

Giant Salamander – Giant lizard with a greater affinity to fire magic. Breathes fire in the form of fireballs. A creature of pure instinct. It can boil its own blood and release it as steam to give an area of effect attack, scalding those around it. It also has a bite attack.

Loot: Salamander Sac

Ground Squirrel

Kraska – Similar to Earth pre-system Crocodiles. Their culture views crying as manly. Or so Ali says, though it is unclear if he is being sarcastic.

Fluff Ball – Rabid, with too many teeth. Attack in packs. Loot: Fluff.

Giant Ant – Level 1 – Loot: A hunk of ant meat.

Ogre – Ogres look like a cross between a Neanderthal and Big Foot. Their youth are around Level 12 and 14 ft. tall. Adults are around Level 21. They prefer to carry clubs as their main weapon.

John first encounters them in Haines Junction after they have killed and feasted on the townsfolk. Ali mentions that one of the youth could kill John with a single blow (this is while he is at Level 3).

The lead Ogre possesses a staff which it uses to activate a magical ability, wreathing the staff in green flame, which does more damage than normal.

Loot: Ogre hides, Ogre skins, crude weapons, oversized (for a human) armor, various credits (John gains 5,000 credits total from an entire Ogre village)

Ogre Chief Loot: Enchanted Oversized Club of Smashing – Base Damage: 38. Enchantment: Ignores 20% of Target Armour.

Ogre Chieftain Loot: Ogre hide, 7,000 credits, Key to the city of Haines Junction

Lightning Elk – Travel in herds

Showshoe Hare – Mutated to be as large as a horse


Green-skinned, tusked, warrior culture. Orc-like (but not actual Orcs, as Ali points out emphatically). Possess bean rifles, quantum grenades, and a scanner that allows them to track John while his QSM is activated.

Loot from 5 Hakarta: 5 Beam Rifles (Type IV), 5 Tier V Personal Body Armor, personal arms for each Hakarta, 3 plasma grenades, 432 credits.

The Hakarta and Gimsar don’t like each other, mostly because they often fight over the same contracts.

The Hakarta John deals with are employed by Her Grace Wuli Kangana, Duchess of the Pourquoi States.

Slime – Loot: Slime Nervous System Core. Prized for bioware implants.

Wexlix Spiders – A spider-wolf hybrid. They set traps with strings of web and hunt in packs similar to wolves. John encounters a nest of them and fights five at once, needing to trigger his QSM to get away.

The first one John, Mikito, and Richard encounter when they seek to hunt them has the following stats:

Wexlix Spider Adult (Level 34), HP: 780 / 780

The nest John and company encounter contains a dozen adults, one of which is an alpha, and half a dozen youth.

Mutated Eagle – Richard captures and tames one as a pet, with John’s help, and names it Orel.

Elsa – Fire-breathing Turtle – A pet turtle mutated to breathe fire and Richard tamed it.

Xu’dwg’hkkk Beast – Level 44, HP: 2380/2380. Thirty feet long, clad in blue scales, with an extremely long neck, a stub of a tail, and a horn that rises from its head. The scales absorb energy beams, redirecting any electrical energy they receive to their horns, making the monsters nearly impervious to energy weaponry. John and his group are sent to hunt these creatures by Gadsby from Whitehorse.

Bella, Max, & Shadow – Huskie-pony creatures tamed and used in fights by Richard. Clad in custom-made bone armor.

Shadow Aspected Crilik Shifter – Level 36, HP: 370/370

Acid-splashing creatures – Throw acid from their bodies

Troll – Richard’s dogs take it down easily


Look like Minotaurs. From a different planet. Were integrated into the System 2,000 years ago. Vegetarian.

Leader: Capstan Ulrick (Level 7 Yerick Flame Warrior, First Fist), HP: 2100/2100

Note from Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2:

Memorial Ceremonies: A single brazier, no larger than an arm’s length, a fire burning inside. Strips of cloth, colored red, blue, and gray, are laid alongside brushes and tables that are chest-high to humans. Family and friends of the deceased write on blue and gray strips of cloth a favorite memory, blood companion writing on red ones (traditionally, blood companions will bleed onto the gray cloth to turn it red). The deceased possessions are Gifted within the clan, and then the strips are burned to remind the deceased they are not forgotten though they reside in the fields of heaven.

It is made apparent to John and the rest of the humans that the Yerick ascribe a message to and bequeath their items as soon as they come into possession, so that at the moment of their death, they can be given away to strengthen the herd.

Metal Elemental – Level 43, HP: 2470/2470. Thirty feet long and twenty feet wide. Has six legs. It churns up earth as it moves, scouring for gold.

Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2

Kongorad – Level 28, HP 480/480. Quadrupedal creatures with faces like a mutated rat, spiked bodies, and whip-like tails that drip with acid. The creatures are dark green with blotches of black across their bodies, providing them an effective camouflage in darkness. They can throw their spikes which infect what they pierce with numbing poison.

T’kichik – Tripedal creature in a dungeon cave that shines beams of light that John has to stay away from.

Knight Beetle – Level 29, HP: 180/180. Purple and gray, 2.5 ft long, 1 ft tall. Armored carapace. Have a tendency to swarm.

Aarak – No description given, other than Aarak Blood is the best high in the System for humans, better than meth supposedly.

Mountain Troll – Level 52, HP: 3580/3580. This monster is over ten feet tall, rocky gray, and covered with warts. An extra-long nose and a hunched back, along with a rocky club, complete the ensemble.

Dragon – Level ???, HP: ???/???

Golems – Humanoid, bipedal constructs that totter forward, raining energy beams and fire, occasionally interspersing their attacks with more exotic weaponry like sonic grenades or ice darts.

Golem Arcana – Boss Level 42, HP: 7420/7420 – 25 ft. tall and green (different coloration than a normal golem).

Mermen – John encounters these in the underwater dungeon at Miles Canyon in the Yukon River.

Goblins – four feet tall, thin, green, and barely dressed creatures with long ears and big noses. They carry an array of melee weapons and crude rifles. Semi-sentient monsters created twenty thousand years ago by a mad individual. They breed very fast and can quickly become a swarm if left unchecked.

Prixamars – a race of giant rolling spheres who consider the number Pi quite significant.

Joxin – a race that revere the number 14.

Truinnars – Lord Roxley is a Truinnar Noble (see Characters). They really like prime numbers.

Gimsar – A dwarf-looking race that guards the walls at Carcross. Gimsar and Hakarta don’t like each other, mostly because they often fight over the same contracts.

Frakin – Level 58, HP: 980/980. Highly resistant to poison, extreme cold, high temperatures, and carbon dioxide poisoning. Their chitin is extremely tough, making it hard to penetrate. They also have stingers. Variations: Acid-spitting, plasma throwing, and normal Frakin. There are also Frakin capable of throwing purple globule sacs which break open to release some kind of gaseous poison-acid combo which is both harmful if breathed in and eats away at armor. Silver-steeled Behemoth Frakin. Titanic Frakin, with no description other than their name. John also refers to a group of Frakin guarding the Boss Frakin as Champion Frakin.

Boss Frakin: Reddish brown, eight legs, a double pair of pincers that fit over its bulbous body, three stingers, and lots of teeth. Is large enough to swallow John and still give him (slight) maneuvering room inside the esophagus.

Unnamed Tentacled Portal Creature – Lurid yellow and pink tentacled creature that reaches out of a portal opened by chaos mines, the rest of its body unseen by John. It either consumes or destroys several Frakin when it first appears.

Onlivik Spores – A parasitic being, the Onlivik Spores attach to lesser beings and invade their cerebral and nervous system, taking control of conscious mental impulses. Onlivik Spores showcase a rare split-hive mind with a main controller host and varying levels of sophistication and sentience dependent on the number of additional host bodies. They are first seen at the Two-Horns Mountain Dungeon, infecting the Frakin.