Life in the North, Book 1

Kluane National Park

Where John Lee spawns at the beginning of the System Apocalypse. He gains a quest here that awards him 5,000 xp for leaving Kluane National Park alive. Creatures found in this area: Giant Ants, Ground Squirrels, Lightning Elk, Giant Snowshoe, Fluff Ball.


Capital of Yukon, Canada. (See Whitehorse page)

Haines Junction

See Haines Junction page

The Shop at Whitehorse

Sheathed in reflective silvery material, a large block building that dominates the city scape. Access is controlled by Lord Roxley.

89 Alsek Road

John Lee’s residence. Pre-apocalypse, he dwelt there with a housemate named Randy. Post-apocalypse, he bought it from the system and continues to make upgrades to it.

Congratulations! You have purchased 89 Alsek Rd. You now own the building and may assign a purpose and upgrade the building. Upgrades may be purchased at the residence itself or at the Shop. Please note that all buildings have a minimum maintenance cost and if not met, will be returned to the System Pool. 22,000 Credits Deducted.

Welcome to 89 Alsek Rd. Current Ownership: John Lee, Adventurer. Current Occupants: None. Current Assigned Purpose: None. Structural Integrity: 94% (More…). Would you like to assign a purpose?

John assigns the purpose Residence instead of Safehouse.

Atmospheric Hydro Generation Machine – Utility Upgrade to John’s dwelling (89 Alsek Rd.)

Upgrades Available: Grounds, Structure, Add-On Buildings

Structural Upgrades Available for 89 Alsek Rd: Security, Structural, Utilities, Décor, Miscellaneous

Rotary and Shipyards Park

On the river on the way to Carcross. People plant fields next to it.


Has a hospital. A suburb of Whitehorse, where John Lee’s residence is when he’s not living at the Carcross Cut-off Fort.

Carcross Cut-off Fort

Originally controlled by 7 Hakarta, which John defeats, then claims the fort for his own, earning 3,000 xp. He cannot, however, keep it guarded, and it is expected that someone will come by and reclaim it for their own eventually. The fort is controlled by a crystal inside its center. After defeating the Hakarta in this fort, John levels up to 10. Later, John frequently brings by groups of low level adventurers or hunters and lets them temporarily take over the fort to gain xp, then reclaims it for himself. At the end of Life in the North, Book 1, John has made this fort his temporary residence instead of staying with Lana, Richard, and Mikito.

Book 2: Two-story log house off the Klondike Highway that leads to either Carcross or Teslin. Contains fifty meters around it of clear aim for firing at intruders. John spent a few weeks paying to add reinforced System walls, windows, and doors, along with a Command Center that allows for a tracking system and System-compatible utilities.

Klondike Highway

Not well kept, forest stretches out on either side, scenic views, leads to Lorne Mountain and Carcross.

Lorne Mountain Community/Mount Lorne

Deserted, but in an orderly way, leaving a mystery as to where the people went.


Carcross has a makeshift barrier of cars, furniture, and a trench-wall, with a guarded gate. Inside is a gas station, a motel, a gift shop, a church, various residences, and the Tagish First Nation Office buildings. Book 2: the forest has been pushed back more, a deep trench dug in front of the wall, with added beam rifles on the wall as well as heavy weaponry watchtowers. City center has also been upgraded to serve as a final fallback point.

Armourer Shop in Carcross

Run by Xev, a giant spider, who is able to fix up Saber when it is damaged.

Sally’s Alchemical and Magical Emporium

Run by Sally in Whitehorse. Makes & sells healing potions, Tier III-V. Prices range from 50-2,000 credits for potions.

Tagish River & Crag Lake

Near the highway between Carcross and Tagish.

Long Lake

John mentions it as a temporary hunting ground for the citizens of Carcross during their period of trying to jump-start an economy after the apocalypse. This is also where John begins taking low level adventurers on guided hunting trips to level them up.

Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2

Ingles Canyon Dungeon

John’s first cleared dungeon where he fights a number of Kongorad and T’kichik creatures.

Congratulations! Dungeon Cleared. +5,000 XP. First Clear Bonus. Having cleared the dungeon for the first time, you have been rewarded an additional +5,000XP +1,000 Credits. Bonus for being the first explorer +5,000 XP +5,000 Credits. Ingles Canyon Dungeon classified as Level 20+ and above.

Whitehorse Butchering Yard

Used to be the pre-apocalypse fire hall: next to the river, a single-story sprawling building with wide barn doors that face onto the old prospector train tracks, complete with smelly compost piles. Purge Disease spells cast by Mages and low-level enchantments keep the smell and disease from polluting Whitehorse. Winds blowing the smell across the river has attracted increasing numbers of monsters, however.

The Nugget

A pub in Whitehorse set up during John’s absence living in the fort. Usually busy and filled with hunting parties, craftsmen, and serving women. Serves beer, steaks, and fish and chips, as well as cross-hatched ribs in barbeque sauce and bowls of stew. Also serves Apocalypse Ale, a brew stronger than the usual beer John drinks which the Yerick Capstan First Fist deems as decently strong.


Several Dungeons are encountered in Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2. See the Dungeon page.


A distant world taken over by the system. It’s integration into the system is considered a sad story. It’s inhabitants decided to collectively ignore the system and not interact with it. This caused mana to continuously pool and build up until the inhabitants themselves began mutating under its influence. The planet itself became a World Titan and flew away. It’s current location is unknown and it has lore written about it in several fictional stories which Tahar the Yerick shares with Ali.

Yerick Compound in Whitehorse

A walled area with watchtowers and buildings inside, all connected via shaded walkways on the ground and in the air, broken up by a series of open air, grassy courtyards. The buildings have door ways that are at least twelve feet high and ceilings a good twenty feet up, with a minimum of three stories in each portion.

Miles Canyon

Carved by the Yukon River a few kilometers outside Whitehorse.

Kwanlin Dun Cultural Center

Reclaimed. A place in Whitehorse.

Two-Horn Mountain Dungeon

A dungeon filled with Frakin, which are infested with Onlivik Spores. John’s usual party attempts to clear it and almost perish. John and his party team up with Capstan and the other Yerick to attempt to clear this dungeon again, but it unfortunately results in Tahar’s death. Finally on their third try, with the aid of a virus created by Leonard to sicken the Frakin as well as calling in as many people to join them as they can, including the Yerick, Hakarta, a reticent Bill, and Jim’s hunting groups, the dungeon is cleared. But Richard is killed in the process, along with many other casualties. What made the dungeon extra difficult was an infestation of Onlivik Spores which made the Frakin sentient.

Village of Fairbanks

Owned and controlled by Her Grace Wuli Kangana, Duchess of the Pourquoi

Town of Anchorage

Owned and controlled by Her Grace Wuli Kangana, Duchess of the Pourquoi